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GHQ Series

The GHQ-Series 532nm laser is available in powers ranging from 100-300mW and numerous customizable configurations. Please call us today to get your quote or use the button below.

Power 100mW 200mW 300mW 300mW
Wavelength 532
Beam Size 2.0mm
Spatial Mode TEM00
Bandwidth 30 GHz
Divergence 0.4 mrad
M Squared < 1.1
Power Stability 0.4% RMS
Noise 0.4% RMS
Pointing Stability < 2 µrads
Polarisation Ratio > 100:1
Polarisation Direction Horizontal
Coherence Length 1cm
Beam Angle 1 microrad
Operating Temp 15 - 40ºC
Weight 1.2kg
Warmup Time 10 minutes
Safety Class Class IV
Price $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Compact Design Hermetically Sealed
Diode > 40,000 hours MTTF Low Noise
Low M-Squared Remote Vu
Permanently Aligned Cavity (PAC) RemoteCal
Single Phase Mains Driven Stable Output
Diffraction Limited Beam Zero-Stress Cavity
Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Pumping
Military Grade Applications
Optical Tweezers
Extreme Lasers Fast Quote

Beam Quality
Beam Size
Coherence Length
Pointing Drift
Power Stability
TTL Modulation
Analog Modulation


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