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Lab/OEM Lasers

Continuous Wave Low Noise Single Longitudinal Mode Q-Switched
Broad Portfolio Available
405nm - 2200nm
1mW - 22,000mW
2 Year Warranty
Science-grade Systems
405nm - 1550nm
Excellent Stability
2 Year Warranty
Single-Frequency Systems
457nm - 1342nm
Ultra Stable Power
2 Year Warranty
Industrial Systems
266nm - 1573nm
Superior Reliability
2 Year Warranty

Leading Supplier of DPSS Laser Systems ::: UV – Visible – IR

Extreme Lasers is an industry leader in high reliability, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers for Scientific Research, Life & Health Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Photovoltaics, Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductors, and Microelectronics markets. Extreme Lasers' continuous wave (CW) and quasi-continuous wave (Quasi-CW) lasers are built for 24/7 hands-off, reliable operation and low cost of ownership. With a broad selection spanning ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) wavelengths, power levels from 1mW to 20,000mW, and CW and mode-locked quasi-CW systems, Extreme Lasers has the right laser solution for your most demanding applications.

Client Testimonials

"We are extremely pleased with the 473nm blue laser systems that we purchased."
  Fisher Scientific AG
"Thank you for the excellent service. Your products came just in time."
  Columbia University
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
United States
"Our laser system arrived on time for our project. Thank you!"
  Lockheed Martin Systems Integrations
United States
"Top-quality system, just brilliant!"
  University of Melbourne
"Solid laser system. We are excited to begin our project with your product."
  University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

Why choose Extreme Lasers

Quality :
The quality of our products has a profound impact on the quality of our customers' end products so ensuring product quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.
Selection :
We have the most extensive selection of lasers in the nation, with wavelengths ranging from our 266nm UV laser to our 1573nm IR laser.
Availability :
We pride ourselves on being one of the only laser companies in the nation that stocks a significant portion of its product line. Our lead times on customized products that are built-to-order are often as little as 1-2 weeks.
Reliability :
Using top quality components and strict manufacturing guidelines is the only way to create a truly reliable product. Our laser systems have a MTTF of up to 20,000 hours and we offer an industry leading 3 Year Warranty on custom built laser systems.
Value :
A top quality product built with top quality components, using strict manufacturing guidelines and extensive quality control checks, built exactly how you need it and delivered precisely when you need; this is how we define Value.
Reputation :
We have built a reputation over the past decade as being a reliable source for quality laser systems and uncanny expertise in the area of customized laser manufacturing. Please feel free to click on the "Clients" button to the right and have a look at just a few of the companies and institutions that we have worked with.
Product Selection
Continuous Wave Low Noise Single Longitudinal Mode Q-Switched
UV UV Blue Industrial
355nm 1-20mW 375nm 1-150mW 457nm 1-100mW Air-cooled End pumped
375nm 1-150mW Blue Violet 473nm 1-100mW 532nm 1-3W
Blue Violet 405nm 1-300mW Green 532nm 5-10W
405nm 1-300mW 442nm 1-50mW 532nm 1-300mW 532nm 600mW inner carver
435nm 1-2mW 447nm 1-1000mW Lime 1064nm 2W
442nm 1-50mW 450nm 1-1000mW 561nm 1-50mW 1064nm 5W
447nm 1-20,000mW 454nm 1-50mW Red 1064nm 8-15W
450nm 1-1000mW Blue 671nm 1-400mW  
454nm 1-50mW 457nm 1-10,000mW IR Water-cooled Side pumped
Blue 473nm 1-500mW 1064nm 1-1000mW 532nm 1-5mJ/10-45W
457nm 1-10,000mW 488nm 1-50mW 1342nm 1-200mW 1064nm 1-10mJ/10-100W
473nm 1-1,500mW Green    
480nm 1-150mW 510nm 1-30mW   Passively Q-Switched
488nm 1-50mW 514.5nm 1-20mW   266nm 0.1-5uJ/1-50mW
491nm 1-2mW 515nm 1-100mW   266nm 5-10uJ/50-200mW
Cyan 532nm 1-20,000mW   355nm 0.1-15uJ/1-150mW
500.8nm 1-2mW 543nm 1-100mW   355nm 30-60uJ/150-550mW
Green Lime   355nm 15-40uJ/400-1W
510nm 1-30mW 556nm 1-150mW   532nm 1-3uJ/1-15mW
514.5nm 1-20mW 561nm 1-150mW   532nm 5-30uJ/30-150mW
515nm 1-500mW Orange   532nm 40-100uJ/150-1W
523.5nm 1-800mW 593.5nm 1-30mW   532nm 100-180uJ/1-3W
526.5 1-1,000mW Red   1064nm 10-20uJ/1-500mW
532nm 1-20,000mW 633nm 1-100mW   1064nm 20-100uJ/500-1500mW
543nm 1-1,500mW 635nm 1-500mW   1064nm 150-250uJ/1.5-2W
Lime 640nm 1-200mW   1064nm 100-300uJ/2-6W
556nm 1-2,500mW 655nm 1-1000mW    
561nm 1-2,000mW 660nm 1-400mW   Actively Q-Switched
Yellow-Orange 671nm 1-5,000mW   266nm 1-20uJ/1-200mW
589nm 1-3,000mW 680nm 1-1000mW   355nm 1-100uJ/1-500mW
Orange 685nm 1-20mW   532nm 10-60uJ/1-500mW
593.5nm 1-800mW 690nm 1-800mW   532nm 1-300uJ/500-2W
Red 705nm 1-25mW   532nm 1-350uJ/1-10W
633nm 1-100mW 730nm 1-30mW   532nm 1-300uJ/1-600mW
635nm 1-6,000mW IR   1064nm 100-400uJ/1-2Wc
637nm 1-6,800mW 785nm 1-2000mW   1064nm 10-800uJ/1-6W
640nm 1-6,800mW 800nm 1-2500mW   1064nm 1-500uJ/1-15W
655nm 1-5,000mW 808nm 1-2500mW   1064nm 1-500uJ/1-1000mW
656.5nm 1-800mW 830nm 1-2000mW   1573nm 1-15uJ/1-500mW
660nm 1-2,000mW 845nm 1-30mW    
671nm 1-5,000mW 852nm 1-2000mW   Other
680nm 1-1000mW 885nm 1-1500mW   523.5nm 1-50mW
685nm 1-20mW 914nm 1-800mW   526.5nm 1-50mW
690nm 1-800mW 915nm 1-1500mW   656.5nm 1-5mW
705nm 1-25mW 940nm 1-1500mW   660nm 1-5mW
722nm 1-50mW 946nm 1-800mW   1047nm 10-50uJ
730nm 1-30mW 965nm 1-2000mW   1047nm 50-70uJ
IR 975nm 1-2000mW   1053nm 10-30uJ
785nm 1-2000mW 980nm 1-2000mW   1053nm 30-50uJ
800nm 1-2500mW 1030nm 1-100mW   1313nm 1-5uJ/1-100mW
808nm 1-10,000mW 1047nm 1-1000mW   1313nm 10-20uJ/1-100mW
825nm 1-2500mW 1053nm 1-1,500mW   1319nm 10-15uJ/1-100mW
830nm 1-2000mW 1064nm 1-20,000mW    
845nm 1-30mW 1085nm 1-500mW    
852nm 1-2000mW 1112nm 1-100mW    
880nm 1-2500mW 1122nm 1-300mW    
885nm 1-1500mW 1310nm 1-20mW    
914nm 1-800mW 1313nm 1-1000mW    
915nm 1-8,000mW 1319nm 1-1500mW    
940nm 1-8,000mW 1342nm 1-6,000mW    
946nm 1-800mW 1444nm 1-200mW    
965nm 1-2000mW 1450nm 1-500mW    
975nm 1-5,000mW 1470nm 1-800mW    
980nm 1-8,000mW 1550nm 1-600mW    
1030nm 1-100mW      
1047nm 1-1,000mW      
1053nm 1-1,500mW      
1060nm 1-2,500mW      
1064nm 1-20,000mW      
1085nm 1-500mW      
1112nm 1-100mW      
1122nm 1-300mW      
1310nm 1-20mW      
1313nm 1-1,000mW      
1319nm 1-1,500mW      
1342nm 1-6,000mW      
1444nm 1-200mW      
1450nm 1-500mW      
1470nm 1-3,500mW      
1530nm 1-3,500mW      
1550nm 1-3,500mW      
1870nm 1-800mW      
1908nm 1-800mW      
1940nm 1-800mW      
2200nm 1-450mW