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GHQ Series

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Power 100mW 200mW 300mW 300mW
Wavelength 532
Beam Size 2.0mm
Spatial Mode TEM00
Bandwidth 30 GHz
Divergence 0.4 mrad
M Squared < 1.1
Power Stability 0.4% RMS
Noise 0.4% RMS
Pointing Stability < 2 µrads
Polarisation Ratio > 100:1
Polarisation Direction Horizontal
Coherence Length 1cm
Beam Angle 1 microrad
Operating Temp 15 - 40ºC
Weight 1.2kg
Warmup Time 10 minutes
Safety Class Class IV
Price $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Compact Design Hermetically Sealed
Diode > 40,000 hours MTTF Low Noise
Low M-Squared Remote Vu
Permanently Aligned Cavity (PAC) RemoteCal
Single Phase Mains Driven Stable Output
Diffraction Limited Beam Zero-Stress Cavity
Full RS232 Control    
Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Pumping
Military Grade Applications
Optical Tweezers