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Moon Flower

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The Extreme Lasers Moon Flower is a projection laser, designed to project geometric patterns over a large area. This is possible thanks to the six reflective mirrors that give the Moon Flower its unique hexagon shape. It is best viewed when mounted in a position such that the effects are being displayed on either the floor, ceiling, or a wall. Since it is entirely sound activated, all you need to do is turn on some music and let it go to work.







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  Moon Flower MF-5G $229.00  
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Technical Information

Output Power:   5mW
Wavelength:   532nm
CDRH Class:   IIIa
Dimensions:   13.4"x11.4"x12.0"
Housing:   Metal
Weight:   8.6lbs
Voltage:   110VAC
Warranty:   1 Year


Product Features
Operation mode: Sound-Active
16 Dynamic laser effects
6 Laser reflector mirrors
Hexagon shape allows for a large spread
Built in sound-activated programs
Audio sensitivity adjustment knob
Auto shut-off when sound stops
Mounting bracket included

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