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Cosmic Frenzy

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The Cosmic Frenzy is a compact laser projector that packs a big punch. It is loaded with 45 of the latest and greatest effects, including; Liquid sky, 4-sided tunnel, cloud effect, wave effect and many other highly sought-after professional effects.


It has four operation modes: DMX, Auto, Sound-active, and Master/Slave. Master/Slave is where you can combine multiple Cosmic Frenzy units together and designate one unit as the "master" unit and the "slave" units will do exactly what the master unit does. The Cosmic Frenzy is a great all-around laser projector that packs a serious punch. You will be surprised by what it can do.


Color Model # Availability Price  
  Cosmic Frenzy CF-5RGY $399.00  
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Technical Information

Output Power:   5mW
Wavelength:   532nm + 650nm
CDRH Class:   IIIa
Dimensions:   8.7"x9.4"x6.7"
Weight:   5.8lbs
Warranty:   1 Year


Product Features
Operation modes:
  1. DMX
  2. Auto
  3. Sound-active
  4. Master/Slave
45+ Spectacular Effects
Effects include, Sky, Tunnel, Wave, Cloud, ...
DMX allows full control over which effect is displayed
Long lasting stepper motors
Built in sound-activated programs
Audio sensitivity adjustment knob
Auto shut-off when sound stops
Rugged mounting brackets included

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